Our Services


1. Remove pool and spa cover (if covered), water rinse, fold and store in owners home unless storage is requested, and lube all deck anchors.

2. Pump out all water if necessary, power wash pool walls and floor with a non-burning solutions. We will bleach floor and walls for a very white surface.

3. Re-install/clean ladders, handrails, skimmers, pool lights, diving board, clean tile, rinse pool deck.

4. Start filling pool with hose (owner is responsible for turning off water when the level is halfway into the skimmer opening).

5. After notifying our office that your pool is now full, we will return to start-up your pool pump, heater, filter, cleaner and balance the pool water and make a complete operational check of the pool or spa functions.

Weekly maintenance is very important to keep your swimming pool or spa healthy and free of bacteria or debris. Aqua Clear offers a variety of weekly pool service plans, which enables us to take steps in preventative maintenance before serious trouble develops. This will assure you of a more trouble-free and enjoyable swimming season. All of the services are performed by highly trained and qualified servicemen using our own high power cleaning equipment.

Keep in mind that we can customize any maintenance plan to serve your need!

Our Weekly service always includes:
– Check filter pressure

– Test: Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Cyanuric Acid, Alkalinity, TDS and Hardness levels

– Clean: Pump Strainer Basket, Cartridge Filter, Skimmer Baskets, Auto Vac Filter, Diving Board, Handrails and Ladders

– Backwash: Sand Filter, D.E Filter (and recharge)

– Fill Chemical Feeder

-Scrub tile at water line

-Skim pool surface

-Vacuum pool

– Brush pool walls and floor

– Add needed chemicals, shock pool as needed

The following will be done when closing a pool or spa:
– Water is pumped out to a safe winterizing level

– All ladders, handrails, cleaners are removed and stored. Lights are removed from wall and placed in winterizing position

– Heater, pump, filter drained and covered for winter

– Gas/electric shut off at pad

– Pool lines are blown clear of water

– Non-toxic anti-freeze solutions is added to lines, equipment and plugged to winter storage
Pools with winter covers will be chemically treated with special winter chemicals and will receive a vacuuming the day of closing

We can customize all plans to fit your need. All pools and spas are prices individually. Give us a call today for your personalize quote at